Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am a speck in this universe,
living my life the best I can.
friction and confrontation I avoid,
hoping to make it null and void.
people and places are dear to me,
more than any thing money can buy,
my personality I choose to enhance,
by always offering everybody,a second chance.
one thing that I really take care,
is to be always just and fair.
My greatest fear I would admit,
is causing pain and disappointment, even a bit.
I have my vices to conquer but,
none, I hope, that causes others regret.
I try to live by a code, though,
passing time causes it to erode,
evolving with times to fit my abode.
Lots of things I'd like to change,
with some I succeed, some remain.
Even though I keep an open mind,
people sometimes are hard to understand.
Free of malice and straight of word,
my temper lost is a scene to behold.
one thing that I am proud of is,
truth, I never shy away from!

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