Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A great start

I try in vain to capture this beautiful feeling in words,
I just can't express how happy, nervous and excited I am!
Fortuitous meetings puppeteered by an unseen hand, a passing angel or a silent prayer,
Is finally all set to follow an organized plan.
Gaiety n Jollity fill my heart,
Giving the day a great start.

Monday, December 17, 2012


A full stop is required to bring a meaningful end to any sentence.
It lends dignity and helps put an end to meaningless abeyance.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hang On

When your whole world turns upside down,
Take a break, pause and hold on.
People who love and care for you,
Will be your strength and lead you on,
Only after the darkest hour nears dawn.
All you have to do is face your fears and hang on!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The right way

You have to say what you have to say,
But choose your words wisely when you have your say!
You can't have everything your way but always remember,
It is not about what you say but how you say..

Friday, October 19, 2012


Life seems very unfair at times,
For we know not now, what we are being prepared for.
Each obstacle comes giftwrapped with a lesson,
Alas, we discard the precious cover and get lost in what's inside!

When life puts you on trial, ponder and be grim,
For a while, but, dont you forget how to smile.
Hercules too, had great challenges and unsurmountable tasks,
And, that's how a hero was born!

Sunday, September 23, 2012


There comes a point in everything you interact with or use when you get this thought, It's mine!
Possession is a primal trait drilled in all of us,
It makes you cling on to everything,
Even to your memories.
You are the summation of all your memories and experiences anyway,
So how can you break free from what defines YOU?


Anything that you seek answer for, is a Question.
Any unanswered question will eventually turn into a problem!
Everywhere I look now, I see only questions..
Questions that can't be be answered, don't have an answer or ones that I'd rather avoid answering.
Each question gives birth to so many more questions.
A journey is called for within oneself.
A quest to answer all those important questions!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Say Sue!

Charming smile with flashing eyes set,
quick to anger and quick to forget,
The only girl with 5 A's yet,
No wonder she is everyone's pet!
Her favourite phrase is... "Against the wall, hit your head".

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am a speck in this universe,
living my life the best I can.
friction and confrontation I avoid,
hoping to make it null and void.
people and places are dear to me,
more than any thing money can buy,
my personality I choose to enhance,
by always offering everybody,a second chance.
one thing that I really take care,
is to be always just and fair.
My greatest fear I would admit,
is causing pain and disappointment, even a bit.
I have my vices to conquer but,
none, I hope, that causes others regret.
I try to live by a code, though,
passing time causes it to erode,
evolving with times to fit my abode.
Lots of things I'd like to change,
with some I succeed, some remain.
Even though I keep an open mind,
people sometimes are hard to understand.
Free of malice and straight of word,
my temper lost is a scene to behold.
one thing that I am proud of is,
truth, I never shy away from!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Search for meaning

What role does chance play in our life?
Things that happen and things that we do,
Are we in control or do we just play it out..
Are things preordained by fate,a grand plan
is there?,with each one of us playing a part
Are we the puppet or the puppet master?

What I pray, do tell!, of free will then ?
two roads in front of me, what do i take?
wherefore doth my destiny lie?
Choose do I or is the choice already made?
Why this dilemma am I faced by..
wherein both action and inaction lead me awry!

what am I? Why am I? How am I ? Who am I?
looking inside of me to find the answers
gets me more lost than I was ever before!
Duty, honour, responsibility,
karma, Dharma, Adharma
words meant to throw light but darken..
and confound rather than explicate.


Even while dying every second,
How do I feel so alive ?
living in two dimensions of time,
one that drags on and on...
And the other that speeds on,
quicker than you can say, hold on.
Learning new meanings of words everyday,
of beauty, wonder, awe, joy, dream,
of courage, love, life, future,hope..
and of fact, reality, fate, futility, misery
of despair, melancholy and nothingness..
of fear and pain, and of loss and gain..
How is it that I feel like I am
in heaven and hell at the same time!


love is a state of no ego, no I..
A temporary insanity it is,
rendering a state of total surrender.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


You are my strength and you are my weakness!
You bring meaning to my life, yet throw it into disarray.
You are the order and the chaos.
You are the light and the darkness!
You are the one hope to quench my thirst..
Are u the spring I'm looking for or just a mirage..
You are my sunshine and the storm that hit me
You are my song and my silence
You are my sweet ecstasy and my desolation
You are my cure and my affliction
Will you be my salvation or condemn me to damnation?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I sit at my desk,
Staring at the screen,
The Eye, is it open or not?
Who can say?
It’s a glassy stare ..
Matters not if it sees or not,
For it recognizes nought.
For all purposes, might it be known,
My eyes, set in stone.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Lament

Why do you have to make me wait?
don't you know how I long for you?
Is it to prove I have no control?
and that you are your own master!
I lie awake in torment,
every second an eternity.
Don't you know you're the only one,
that can bring unto me relief.
Nothing else will ever do,
Its you and only you!
Give up your vanity and come embrace me,
stay through the night and give me company.
The time spent with you never seems enough,
In this bliss the night slips by fast as a summer breeze.
Have I not spoken enough to assuage your vain self?
Cease your taunts and show yourself, I entreat.
O Sleep, Come to me!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Best Intentions!

It's ironic how often a good deed done backfires,
despite the sound judgment & the best intentions!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Now !

The travesty of life is the tendency to dwell in the past.
You desire what you don't have and what you have satisfies
you not! Life's beauty is the journey non the destination
And the most precious moment of your life is now !

Friday, December 11, 2009

Point of View

Don't be too sure or fixated on what you see,
caught in the illusion of indisputability,
For what seems now so rational,
might very well seem implausible later,
It's not the facts that have changed,
It's your point of view..

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Oh Women, such an exquisite creature are you
Witty, humorous, charming , benevolent and kind are you.
Your strength, fortitude and understanding define you
All together , God's best creation are you
Being the bearer of life much depends on you
For a home's, nation's , the world's future rests on you !

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Day passes day and I still cant find myself,
Searching for the spark to ignite my life's being.
Beleive me when I say it is not of my choice,
For I long to hear the music while all I hear is noise.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Promise

I'll always be around,
even if you are not.
I 'll always be around,
no matter what.

no matter what you think,
no matter what you say,
no matter what you do.

I ll be here,
or there !
miles apart from you,
yet I'm still here,
my heart with you,
my heart still beating with love for you.

no matter what I've said,
the stupid mistakes I've made,
I'll always care.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Magic Glasses

I can see that you're sad,
Dont pretend to be glad.

All the things that you say,
Cant keep the truth away.

You walk a lonely path,
hurt and torn apart.

All your acts and play,
don't fool me or hold sway!

I got a pair of magic glasses ,
that can see right into your heart.

Leave the rest to me,
Watch me set you free !


Love is an enchantment beyond understanding,
that can make your heart soar in delight, or
leave you in a pathetic plight.
You lose the use of your head, and
tread languishing a lonely path instead.
No amount of words or wisdom gets through,
You just gotta live it through.
The only way to keep your sanity,
is to remember the good things, And
give up the rest in charity.


With each passing day as I look back,
Sadly, more and more do I realize,
People, places and relationships all change,
Only bitter-sweet memories remain !

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


A state of mind untouched by fear, guilt, longing, expectation, anxiety and anger,
reinforcing the beauty of life, it produces a smile in situations otherwise futile.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


There's not much you can do,
when things aren't working for you.
You can't point a finger,
or enumerate a reason,
pegging down what exactly is wrong with you!
Just connect all the cues,and you'll see,
You're feeling the blues !

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It's a deathstick smoked with certitude,
by a vast assorted multitude.

Least concerned with the risks are they,
allege the results of many a survey.

As it burns from tip till end,
End of a journey it portends.

As it goes from ashes to dust,
One's inside it incrusts.

knowing this well, they're loath to miss,
the enticing deathstick's deadly kiss.


An argument turned hostile is futile,
for its not going to lead to anything worthwhile.

Whatever be the point in contention,
remember, the other party's possible good intention.

Don't you resort to persecution,
For anything can be brought to an amicable resolution.

People are not won over by acts of vile,
try doing it with a smile!


When we enter this world, we cry,
and on leaving it, we make others cry !

In between this we die a thousand times,
for sleep is but death for a shortened time.

Each dawn we are reborn,
and starting with a yawn, we go on......


Of all the things one can't conquer,
Time takes first claim.

It's one thing that goes on,
Around it manifesting change.

There's a mystery around time,
For as time goes by, everything around me changes,
Alas, I still stay the same !

Monday, September 7, 2009


A penny for every thought or a cent for every worry,
Would make me mighty rich n merry.
but a thought for every million I seek,
for it is serenity I beseech.


As is the necessity to talk and express our-self,
To share, care and feel needed is the heart's expression.


From this glorious land from where love set sail,
why now hate, misery and sadness prevail,
a helping hand, a cheerful smile,
a kind word and a warm embrace are all it takes,
to get back the fairy of love and her good grace.


Through our daily chores we endure,
past the cold winds of testing times,
In the knowledge that lies yonder,
hope, a ray of Sunshine.


Of all the captivating charm you bear,
In your simplicity I swear.


The biggest pain that can afflict a heart,
is of lonesome solitude condemned apart

where joy and happiness it should hold,
sorrow and grief lie untold.


Oh happiness, where art thou ?
I seek you in fervent vow!

Do u reside in glorious deeds,
or in name and fame achieved.

On reaching new heights,
will thou cease thy flight.

The times i feel thy essence,
mark a brusque comeuppance.

Forthwith, share thy secret divine,
for thou i hold enshrine.


"Friend " is a word we often use
'tis subject to a lot of abuse,
Today I embark to explore,
and demystify this folklore

Is it one you spend time with,
sharing smalltalk herewith,
For many a times you say friend,
when to say comrade you intend.

I hereby say for all to hear,
tis the one who hears your silent prayer.

tis one who goes the extra mile,
cheerfully with a twinkling smile.

tis one with whom silence finds,
as much importance as words aligned.

tis one whose presence fills your heart and soul,
with joy sans reason and makes you whole.

And tis one with whom you comfort feel,
to be yourself, true and real.